CS After Dark

[ZINE] Where the skilled engineers are made


If your company is in the orange[a] valley then you are probably running on a limited budget and burning a shit ton of money.

If your startup is surviving or thriving in this valley then, your engineers have evolved to: ps. FAANG companies will try to poach your employees.

  1. be obsessively efficient[b]
  2. be insanely tenacious problem solvers
  3. have a strong sense of ownership

Ambitious People + Constrained Environment: This is the best place to be. I've seen some of the craziest engineering problems in the "orange valley". More importantly, I've met even crazier engineers who have solved these problems.

Wouldn't it be fun to go back 30 years and work on Prince of Persia-1 without any game engine or a high-level programming language [c]?

Prestigious as it may be to work at a FAANG company, I'd not wanna work there unless some great engineering problems await. These companies are too big and too rigid to build fun stuff.


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