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I'm Shiv

In this space, you will find my writings on CS, Compilers, Machine Learning, Recommender Systems and Math. These are meant to serve as notes for self-reflection, but I also hope they can be of use to students, engineers, managers, hackers or anyone.

I'm currently a graduate student at Georgia Institute of Technology studying Computer Science. I expect to graduate in December 2024 with a specialization in ML (continuing with a PhD). If you would like to hire me, reach out!


I am a Lead Machine Learning Engineer @ Glance. I lead the development of Alchemist, an experimentation platform that:

I'm good at building high-performance + low-latency ML systems. I write excellent Python, Golang, JavaScript and okay C++, Rust.

I love getting to know more people. If you think we'd vibe well, reach out!

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